Trail System

The trail to the Tug Hill Hideaway is still closed and maybe closed for at least one more month! One of our landowners had some logging done and the skidder did a lot of damage to the landowner’s private road which is the trail we have permission to ride on. Our land owner never thought there would be any damage; however Mother Nature this year has given us too much rain. The club on at least two different occasions has put closed signs and flag rope to keep riders out!!  Our landowner has been trying to repair the damage out of his pocket however some riders think temporary closed signs mean nothing! Someone took the signs and flag rope down and rode on the trail and sunk to their frames. The flat road/trail it provided was destroyed twice by the illegal riders. As if that was not enough the riders gave the landowners representative a hard time while they were stuck.  The landowner has paid for many hours of operation for a bulldozer to repair the damage the riders caused. Due to our landowners understandable frustration the trail was closed permanently for a while.  WE ALMOST LOST THE USE OF THIS PRIVATE ROAD DUE TO THESE UNAUTHORIZED RIDERS. THE CLUB AND RIDERS OWE OUR LANDOWNER A BIG THANK YOU FOR CHANGING HIS MIND AND ALLOWING US TO REOPEN THE TRAIL AS SOON AS IT IS RIDEABLE!!!

Village of Constableville
The Village of Constableville streets (High & James ) are closed.  If anyone has information on private land that coud be opened around the Village of Constableville please let us 315-397-8014

The trail between the Circle K and Alpine is open however it is a dead end at this time!

Trail expansion
The club is looking to expand our Trails. We are trying to get a Trail to the Milk Plant, Boonville and Osceola If you know of any Landowners that would like to have a Trail on their land please contact us ( ). WE NEED YOU HELP!


Trail work

If you would like to help us on the trai system  please call Mike Gille at 480-272-5723, please leave a message if I do not answer and I will call you back or you could send email to   

Any time you could give to the club for these trails would be gratefully appreciated.

How The Trail System Works In The County Of Lewis

The ATV trail system in our area (Lewis County) is a mix of trails on privately owned land and open roads. All these types are connected to  make the trail system in the county of Lewis. There are three (3) types of trails.

1.    Highmarket Wheelers ATV Club Inc. has trails in the county that are privately owned, maintained and insured by the club .These trails are attached to sections of town or county roads that are open for ATVs. Our trail system is connected to the Lewis county permitted trails and the open town roads. This allows all riders a larger trail system to ride on. To ride on the club trails a Lewis County Trail Permit System Permit is not necessary.However some of our trails have Lewis County Trail Permit System trails connected to our system.In order to ride to the Tug Hill Hideaway a County Permit is necessary.

2.    The Lewis County Trail Permit System has trails in the county that are privately owned and insured by Lewis County that are attached to open sections of town or county roads that are open for ATVs. These trails are primarily maintained by the county however the clubs have agreed to help maintain the trails when they have the man power and time to do so. A Lewis County Trail Permit System permit is required to ride these trails.The county has also opened some County reforestation lands for ATV use these too require a County Trail Permit. The folowing businesses/areas require a Lewis County Atv Permit : Edge Hotel,Boondocks, Myers Towpath , West Wind ,going to the Brantingham area and all trails on Lewis County reforestation lands.

3.    Some Towns on the Tug Hill and the Brantingham area have open roads not connected by private lands that are open for ATVs. To ride on the open roads a Lewis County Trail Permit System Permit is not necessary. However some of these open roads may have Lewis County Trail Permit System trails connected to them.

Map of the entire Trail System(open roads,County and Highmarket Trails.


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